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Remarkably engineered, the TX4 features a legendary tight turning circle that is the envy of others. Greater manoeuvrability means easier, safer and convenient operation for drivers and passengers.

The tight turning circle is of constant benefit on busy city streets in congested traffic.

You can turn in the road without 3-point turns.

The manoeuvrability of a TX4 is unrivalled. Did you know...

* There are over 32,000 purpose-built taxis making up to four u-turns an hour, every day of the week (according to the PCO Human Engineering Study)
* The famous turning circle is unique to purpose-built taxis
* The tight turning circle makes it safer and more convenient to pick-up and drop off passengers on the opposite side of the street
* The ability to quickly and easily manoeuvre 'to your awaiting passenger' benefits your business as well as safety