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The London Taxi Company launched The London Taxi Service in January 2010 which offers franchise opportunities to international customers. The London Taxi Service is a premium personal transport service for business passengers, hotels and tourists and other groups of customers who want to experience a personal trip in a high quality vehicle with a trained professional driver. The service is based on The London Taxi Service but adapted to the needs and wants of the individual customer and market. The London Taxi Company uses local partners to deliver the service and works with them on driver training, service delivery standards and marketing.


The London Taxi Service is a complete managed and efficient service that provides a vehicle and driver when and where you need it. Franchises operating The London Taxi Service already exists in Australia, some Middle East and Eastern European countries.

The current incarnation of the Black Cab is the TX4, the latest in a long line of vehicles to be made wheelchair accessible, following legislation in 1989 that required all new London Taxis to be made accessible to wheelchair users. The TX4, launched in October 2006, features a Euro IV compliant engine while retaining the distinctive appearance and all the key safety and accessibility features of its predecessor, the TXII. The TX4 has an abundance of new features such as driver and passenger head restraints to provide protection in an event of collision and ABS brakes all-round to maintain full steering in all road conditions. The TX4 also has a new external retro styling and a revised interior styling to promote a more comfortable passenger experience.

Standard features include higher and wider passenger doors for easier wheelchair access and egress; an integral wheelchair ramp and securing facility; step and swivel seat; brightly coloured, large grab handles, ideal for people with visual impairment and arthritis sufferers and induction loop for the hard of hearing. Each vehicle also features a built-in child restraint harness and a swivel seat to aid passengers with mobility impairment.

These features have been a major contributory factor in the six prestigious awards won from within the automotive, design and disabled sectors.